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Welcome to the Site!

Welcome to the Car Club Council of Central Virginia's addendum web site. This site contains hundreds of photos of past area car shows, all of the past rants from the online newsletter, some of the "Bumper Stickers of the Month" and information about the council.

If you are looking for the council's main site with the latest in hobbyist news, latest show photos, online monthly newsletter and lots of other items of interest to hobbyists go to:


This site was created so that many of the monthly features of the council site and the many photos of past car shows could be placed in a sort of archive. This enables car hobbyists to look back at the photos of shows past and review the monthly rants. The bumper stickers are included for a little humor.

The council hopes that you enjoy browsing this site and that you will visit our main site. Please read the information on the "About" page. It has important info on this site.

Thanks for visiting!

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