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4th Annual 100 Best Cars in Richmond Show Photo 2

Yes, it snowed on show day. I braved a couple of inches of slush on the roads to get to the person's house I was riding with to the show. I had to drive around one of those late model front wheel drive vehicles (the ones that are so good in the snow) with my old rear wheel drive Maverick. The front driver was face first in a ditch.

All of the vehicles at this show were required to disconnect the vehicles batteries. One of the show participants, Thomas Victory, told me that when they brought in the new Thunderbird they couldn't find the battery. They looked under the hood and in the trunk but no battery. The show folk let them keep the Thunderbird in the show with the battery hooked up. Maybe someone can give Richmond Ford a call and tell them where the battery is located in the new Birds.

I hope you enjoy the photos. Use the link button to return to the show photos page for more car show photos.

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