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Polar Bear Run 5 Photo 1

The 5th Polar Bear Run was held on January 26th. The day started chilly but warmed to about 60 by afternoon. There were over 70 people attending this year's run driving well over 30 special vehicles. We took off from Dinwiddie County and headed south. Our first stop was the Nottoway Restaurant for some coffee, snacks and a bathroom break. We then drove to South Hill where we had a reserved parking lot for us. Frank Malone of the South Hill Chamber of Commerce greeted us.

The run participants were able to visit the Tobacco Museum, Doll Museum, Train Museum, J's Antiques, a local pawnshop and other businesses in the downtown area. For lunch we drove to Arnold's Diner, an old fashioned diner complete with Elvis, a gift shop and a motorcycle store.

More photos of the vehicles and fun are on a second page.

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