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Richmond Region AACA Ice Cream Social Photo 1

I was all prepared to attend the Lake Anna Cruisers Show on Saturday August 18th when the rain poured on my freshly washed vehicle. Later I found out that it didn't rain at the show. But my weekend was not spoiled because the Richmond Region AACA's President Dayton Leadbetter had invited the Crater Antique Automobile Club and the Central Virginia Model T Club to attend their annual Ice Cream Social. The social took place at a lovely home on the James River. There was a line of every type of ice cream, both home-made and store bought, plus brownies, cakes, cookies, etc. This was a good place to pick up a couple of pounds. I took photos of the old iron that attended and a couple of shots inside the garage/museum of the home owner. More photos are on a second page; just use the link at the bottom.

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